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I'll send you a short survey so that I can identify what your biggest weight loss challenge is. 

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I'll go through a step-by-step action plan of you need to do to overcome your biggest weight loss challenge. 

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You'll leave the session with your own personal action plan of what you need to do overcome your biggest weight loss challenge. 

About Ste Boylan

Ste Boylan is an author, expert psychotherapist, and he is founder & CEO of Clear Minds Talking Therapies Limited &

Ste struggled with alcohol addiction, drug addiction, depression, and anxiety from the age of 14 when his mum sadly died.

Since turning his life around in 2005, Ste has had the the privileged to have helped thousands of people to transform and change their life for the better forever using the power of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy.

Unfortunately in 2010, Ste started to struggle with his weight and in 2019 he weighed over 15st. He decided that he was going to use CBT and fitness to deal with weight.

 Ste has lost over 3st and he now helps other people to lose weight by helping them to cut calories easily so that they can feel great.

Why They Recommend Ste Boylan?

Vicky Nolan 

"I cant thank Stephen enough, he has given me a much clearer outlook and the tools to help me manage very difficult thoughts, feelings and emotions."

Neil T

"Stephen's relaxed and professional approach really helped me open up about the issues I'd faced and his advice and guidance really helped me to help myself."

Tom Chee

"The detail Stephen goes into of how the brain works and the things we can do to change the that in order to help ourselves was brilliant. I would recommend"

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