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"Your Time Is Precious, Spend It On The Things And With The People That Matter The Most To You" - Ste Boylan 2021.

About Me.

Ste Boylan is an author, speaker, addiction recovery coach and he is the CEO of and Clear Minds Talking Therapies Limited.  Ste is qualified in counselling, cognitive behavioural therapy, teaching, and youth work. 

Ste's mission is to help busy entrepreneurs, executives and professionals to reclaim their happiness and life.  

He's had the privilege to have helped thousands people to create happier, healthy lives and relationships since overcoming drug addiction, alcohol addiction and mental health problems in 2005. 

They Say

Vicky Nolan

St Helen's 

" His approach and professionalism is what make him great at getting his information across, enabling me to understand and work on what he has taught me very comfortably and confidently. He put me at ease the moment I met him,"

Carole Randell

Product Manager

" Stephen is incredibly generous with his knowledge and takes time to listen. All great qualities that you want in a practitioner but he also translates that into his business. I would recommend him and I do to as many people as I can. You won’t be disappointed."

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